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Bridal model for a day!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a nice dress, so when Emma Lambe from Rhapsody Road Photography asked me to model for a bridal shoot, the answer was a big fat "YES!" As a trained actor and singer, throughout my adult life I've been in front of a camera for headshots and production photography (potential idea for a future blog post - "How to be comfortable in front of a camera"...?) so having my picture taken is something I'm used to.

As an all-female creative team, I thought it was perfect that we were shooting on International Women's Day (8th March). We arrived to beautiful early morning sunshine; that didn't last long ha! It ended up being an entirely interior shoot, which is a shame because the grounds at Lupton House are stunning. First job was to sort out which dresses we all were wearing. As a vintage lady who loves her tea-length swing dresses, I was distinctly out of my comfort zone with a beautiful bohemian lace dress from Sister Organics and a skintight mermaid dress from The Bridal Box.

Next was hair and makeup. My hair holds curl well so Emily and Claire from Shell's Hair and Beauty gave me a side-swept ringlet style which was accessorised with flowers from Flour Flower. Melanie is a makeup artist I know well from the wedding fair circuit, and she's always talked about wanting to get her hands on my face - this was her chance! She wanted to give me something completely different from my standard winged eyeliner and red lippy, so I was contoured, given a sultry orange smokey eye, and a natural pale pink lip. I honestly didn't recognise myself! I looked like me, but from this century (weird). I. Loved. It.

You can find the pictures on the Wed blog here:

And if you're a bride to be looking for some inspiration on photography and your dress, here's some information and top tips from Emma from Rhapsody Road and Natalie from Sister Organics:


Em at Rhapsody Road Photography provides creative and energetic wedding portraiture for lovely, happy couples all over the UK. Yippee.

I literally LOVE weddings. I’m from a huge, huge family, so, when I was growing up, it seemed as though there was a wedding every other weekend! Mmmm all those sugared almonds I ate as a child. Honestly though, I get super excited by every single wedding - I might even have a little cry when you say your vows… I know, but I can’t help myself! I thrive working with happy, creative, loved up people. It just never gets dull - ever! But aside from all this loveliness, I go through each and every image - retouching them one by one, ensuring they are sharp, that the light is right, retouching out anything that’s distracting - all of those technical things that help create timeless wedding memories.

My top tip is to make sure your photographer is the kind of person you would happily share a cup of tea with….or a bottle of wine. Make your photographer your friend, because it’s better to be photographed by someone you know and like, than to be photographed by a stranger. I’m happy to say that some of my loveliest friends are those whose wedding I’ve photographed - I love my job!


Hi, I'm Natalie.

I design and make dresses, mainly casual wedding dresses, bridal separates and party dresses, in beautiful eco and organic fabrics. I have a small collection and also make one-off bespoke orders. I make each item to order from high quality natural fabrics, can adapt my styles & make unique one-off items to suit a brides style. 

My top tip: Your wedding can be wonderful whatever size/cost. Be imaginative and create something really special for you.



Photography - Rhapsody Road Photography Venue - Lupton House Weddings

Dresses - The Bridal Box Sister Organics –

Flowers - Flour Flower Hair - Shell's Hair & Beauty Make-up - Melanie Thornton MakeUp Artists

Other models: Charlie, Rachel and Sinead

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