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2023 Round Up and Looking Forward...

The evolution of the 'sexy teapot' pose...

Ok, firstly let me say:


My 2024 started off in true dafty fashion, with my new electric van stranded 100 metres from my house with an empty battery, and my laptop in a McDonald's 130 miles away... thanks to a few strong friends and a very kind stranger, both were resolved pretty quickly. I was hoping for a less eventful year, but I'm not doing too well on that front so far!

2023 was a rollercoaster for me - so many good things happened:

  • I sang on BBC Breakfast live to over a million viewers as part of King Charles' coronation celebrations

  • I sang a Phantom duet with an actual West End Phantom

  • I performed 261 gigs at over 100 venues

  • My husband and I started a business together

  • I joined an established disco band and helped create an electro swing band from scratch

But my mental and physical health have both taken a bit of a kicking of late. Three hospital visits, my first taste of morphine (0/10, would not recommend), Covid, migraines, anxiety (my God, the anxiety..). Although I've become better at saying 'no' in my personal life, professionally it's something I still struggle with - I'm a chronic people pleaser and HATE the thought of letting anyone down. So even when I was setting up the new business, I was singing full time and taking new bookings. Singing this much has meant I've been tired vocally for months, and the amount of work I put on myself made me forgetful, snappy, and burnt out. I've felt like a terrible friend, spouse, family member, singer, and person recently.

With this in mind, I'm making a few changes.

  • My absolute limit for 2024 is 150 gigs, with a focus on my vintage work and my bands

  • Family and friends are going to be more of a priority

  • No more doom scrolling

  • Read more books

  • I need to take time out to enjoy myself

I'm really looking forward to getting back to the gigs having had a lovely rest over Christmas, so to everyone who booked me in 2023 or is booking me for this coming year, thank you! To anyone who has taken the time and effort to speak to me after performances, or who has enjoyed my music, thank you! And to my loved ones, thank you!

I recently heard an interesting take on New Years' Resolutions: rather than create a list of things you inevitably will give up on, think about what you want your life to look like by New Year's Eve 2024. I'm still mulling over this, so perhaps you may find this food for thought too?

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Replying to

Thank you so much! I've been guilty for doing too much for so long, I'm finding it difficult to break the habit, but I'm trying really hard to look after myself better so I can keep singing for decades to come ❤️

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