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A 21st-century Love Story

In February 2020, I was in a bit of a grump with my love life. I'd met and date some nice guys (and a couple of idiots!) over the previous couple of years, but none that made me swoon. So when my happily-married friend Claire asked to 'play' Tinder using my profile over a bottle of wine, I handed over my phone.

The next morning, I woke up to a message from someone called Liam saying how pleased he was that we had matched. He seemed fun and respectful, so we quickly arranged a date. And another. And another. And another. And another. By the third date, I'd started saying - behind Liam's back, of course - that he was my future husband.

And then the world went to pot.

We had a decision to make - after five dates, should we wait for this to blow over or move in together?

It turns out neither of us are particularly patient people, so we decided to go for it! If it blew up, we wouldn't have wasted much time; if it worked, fantastic! It worked so well that we found our own house in September and started talking about getting engaged.

I can't quite remember how it came about, but on New Year's Eve we played Rock Paper Scissors for the engagement - I lost, which meant I had to propose. And on May Day Bank Holiday, that's what I did! We went up to Burrator, one of our favourite spots on Dartmoor, for a picnic. I got down on one knee and popped the question. And readers, he said YES!

Our engagement rings couldn't be more different - mine is a beautiful antique from the 1930s, yellow gold and diamonds; his is a smart ring. But they reflect us perfectly.

We're not having a long engagement and our wedding is in January 2022. Just the two of us, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a cruise ship - the captain will marry us on the way to Hawaii, then we're on honeymoon straight away!

I'm really excited to be building a life and family with my love. The past 18 months have proven that the we never know what's around the corner and that we need to cherish what we hold dear. He's my person and I can't wait to marry him!


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