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A Very Fine Valentine...

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Wow, that week went quickly! Dennis gave us a fair old pummelling in the Westcountry, but we didn't have it half as bad as some places - I hope you all came out of it unscathed!

Living near the sea, I have to say I love a good storm. The beach I'm closest to is fabulous for dramatic waves and moody seas. There's nothing like curling up inside under a blanket with a hot chocolate and a good book to feel cozy. And if you're with your person, all the better for romance...

Which brings me on to Valentine's Day! I'm a die hard romantic, but as a Single Pringle I wasn't particularly excited about the day on a personal level. Professionally, though, it's one of my favourite days of the year. Why? I love a good love song! And this year, I was singing at a new venue - St Mellion International Resort, a four-star hotel and golf course in Cornwall.

I arrived in the driving rain, and even with a team of helpers I got soaked getting my music gear in! Nigel, the sales manager, met me on arrival and introduced me to the restaurant manager, Beth (who looked after me beautifully all evening). I then sound checked and got the key for my room - oh yeah, they invited me to stay! I was delighted in any case, but the gratitude increased ten-fold after Dennis started wreaking havok on the roads.

The room I stayed in was modern, spacious and light, with a large bathroom filled with Elemis Spa toiletries. I didn't take any pictures of the room because I immediately started getting ready and by the time I finished it was a (ahem) a bit messy...

And so, to dinner! I sang as people arrived and through the starters. In my break, I was treated to a delicious butternut squash, blue cheese and rocket salad. I can honestly say this was the first time I'd ever tried blue cheese and liked it! A perfect dinner for between sets - filling and substantial, but nice and light.

As the evening continued and the drinks started flowing, I started to see a few bops and shimmies from the guests, so I slowly increased the tempo of the songs, from jazz and musical theatre to Motown to a bit of 60s pop, and by the end of the night several couples were up dancing to the final song. Can't Help Falling In Love is always guaranteed to have people dancing and singing along!

I finished up my set and was presented with dessert and a large glass of wine. The restaurant staff were all very professional and friendly, and I felt thoroughly spoilt.

So good!

The morning after, I went to check out the gym facilities. The two pool - a kids' pool and lane-swimming pool - both looked gorgeous but I'm not a fan of swimming so left the merfolk to it. The gym is one of the most immaculate gym I have ever seen! No free weights, but every machine looked brand new and spotless. Having worked in gyms in the past, I was really impressed.

Breakfast... oh my goodness! The virtue I had eating my salad the night before disappeared and I had a three course meal :D the continental selection was vast, with a wide array of fruits, cereals, breads, juices, pastries and more. The hot breakfast options are ordered from the (again, varied and well though out) menu, and my veggie breakfast was perfect.

All in all, my stay was wonderful and I'd like to thank Nigel, Beth, and all the staff and guests for making my Valentine's Day gig so special!

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IG: @stmellionresort

I have not been paid for this review.

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